MacEwan University - first-applied, first-qualified, first-admitted

posted Oct 15, 2014, 9:04 AM by Mabel Yuen, Clerk
Please let your students know MacEwan University will be offering Conditional Admission Sessions this year at our Open House on Saturday, November 1.

Staff from the Office of the University Registrar will be on-hand to assess students and offer Conditional Admission in to the following programs:
  • Check the program's Conditional Admission requirements (as per the linked chart)
  • Register for one of the Conditional Admission Sessions being offered at Open House
  • Have their ApplyAlberta (SIAMS) account created and populated with Grade 11 marks, any Grade 12 courses completed, all Grade 12 courses currently in, and all Grade 12 courses they are in next semester
  • Bring along a statement of grades (print out of their transcript from school is okay) as well as a credit card to pay the $70 application fee
It is important to note that even if students accept an offer of Conditional Admission, they are still required to meet the final, Regular Admission criteria of the program. If students fail to meet the final, Regular Admission criteria of the program the Conditional Admission will be void and they will lose their seat in the program.

If students are interested in a program that is not listed above, then that program does not currently offer Conditional Admission; however, they should apply as soon as possible and will be assessed for Regular Admission. If students do not meet the Conditional Admission criteria for any of the programs above, they too should still apply as soon as possible as they will still be assessed for Regular Admission.

All students are strongly advised to apply to their program of choice at MacEwan University as soon as possible, whether Conditional Admission is offered or not, due to our first-applied, first-qualified, first-admitted application process (essentially first-come, first-served). It may be detrimental to a student to wait to apply to a program at the university, even if their marks are exceptional, since there may not be a seat available by the time they apply. Also, while several programs are considered academically-competitive based on having a higher than 65% minimum average to get in, none of our programs have competitive admission.