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Work Experience/RAP/Health Internship

Work Experience
• Do you have a part-time job?
• Did you know that you can receive credits while you earn your regular wage?
Students can gain valuable experience in a career field, can be paid for this experience and earn high school credits towards their diploma.  The Work Experience program is of benefit to students who wish to learn new skills such as developing a cover letter, résumé and networking within the business community.  You can work after school or on weekends in positions such as restaurants, retail or grocery stores, warehouses, daycares or virtually any other paid or volunteer jobs.

Health Internships
Grade eleven students can:
Spend six weeks in the summer job-shadowing healthcare professionals in hospitals, pharmacies and clinics
• Earn Work Experience credits toward their diploma
• Earn a $2000 bursary
The Health Internship program is designed to offer outstanding students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with careers within the health services field and accrue valuable experience to include in their résumés.  Students apply during their grade eleven year. The application process for the Health Internship placements is highly competitive.
RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)
RAP students can:
• Learn valuable skills as an apprentice in one of 51 skilled trades
• While they earn their high school diploma
• Earn a competitive wage
The RAP program is designed to give students an opportunity to complete all or a portion of their first-year apprenticeship while they earn a full high school diploma.  Student can apply for entry during their grade ten or eleven year, and will spend a portion of their school year working in the field under the supervision of a journeyman.

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