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Career Pathways at Harry Ainlay

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Visit the Career Centre to find information related to post-secondary studies and available scholarships. Our school counselors are available to guide students with the creation of an educational and career plan (including the use of, the development of a personal resume, and to make course selections and other choices related to various career pathways. Students are also encouraged to visit the Government of Alberta-Learning Information Service website at Here they will find vast amounts of information on career profiles, post-secondary planning, and scholarships. We offer specialized programs that help students discover their own career pathway to the future.

Overview of Career Pathways EPSB

Career Exploration Video of possibilities

There are three steps students are encouraged to complete during their time at Harry Ainlay.  

Step 1: Complete the workplace safety course so that students have the prerequisite required to participate in of-campus programs and experiences, complete the “Who am I” surveys through MyBlueprint to learn how their interests connect to post-secondary and career options.  For most students step 1 is completed through phys ed /CALM.

Step 2:  Students build a digital portfolio through MyBlueprint that consists of a high school plan, graduation progress check, post-secondary or career eligibility pathways, identify a minimum of 2 post-secondary pathways of interest, and identify a minimum of 2 careers of interest.

Step 3: Students are encouraged to attend Career and Post-Secondary presentations in the Harry Ainlay Career Center, attend career/post-secondary fairs, attend a post-secondary open house event, and participate in a career exploration opportunity.

Off-Campus Education

Some of the best learning experiences happen outside of the classroom. Off-Campus Education allows students to step outside of the high school environment to gain knowledge, skills and attributes in the world of work. These programs involve the school, our students, and local employers in a collaborative effort to enhance, support and extend our students’ learning and experiences.

Career Exploration

Students can spent a day or half day at a career of their choice to gain an understanding of a real-life experience.  Most of these experiences will occur on school PD Days.  
Boilermakers and Welding, Physiotherapy, Radiation Therapy at the Cross Cancer Institute, Accounting, Early Childhood Education, Engineering with the U of A, Nanosciences

campus epsb

Campus EPSB is designed to be an additional way for students to earn high school credits and industry credentials, get ahead of their studies or prepare for post-secondary.  It's a great way to explore opportunities and get hands-on experience that can help students plan their next steps. Most of these programs are for one semester and all day.  Programs include Healthcare Aide, Cosmetology, Steel Industry, STEM,Emergency Response, Computer Science and Automotives.  There is also a CO-OP program were students apply in a career of their choice and can spend a semester long experience learning about the career.


Work Experience is an experiential method of learning that integrates a student's classroom studies with on- the-job experiences obtained at a qualifying business or organization. Students acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to work and other valuable life roles through their participation at a placement of their choice. Students can work or volunteer part-time after school or on weekends in a variety of work sites. They will earn high school credits as they develop valuable employment skills.

Advantages of the Work Experience program are:

  • Work Experience is available through all 3 years of high school.
  • Whenever a student is motivated and ready for employment, they can enter the program.
  • Students can be paid a wage or honorarium while participating in the program.
  • Students can also work on a volunteer basis with a sponsoring organization.
  • Students can earn as many as 15 credits towards diploma requirements.
  • Work Experience 35 also qualifies as a 30 level course that can be used for completing Diploma requirements.
  • Potential employers recognize the value of the Work Experience Program.
  • Marks from Work Experience can be used for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship.

Qualifying students receive supervision from the Work Experience Coordinator throughout their time in the placement and students receive training, supervision, guidance, and evaluation from the employer.


The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is for students who would like an opportunity to experience the trades prior to entering the world of work or post secondary institutions. Students who are on-track to graduate, and meet attendance requirements are encouraged to apply.

RAP is also designed for students who want to get a head start in the world of apprenticed trades. Students can choose to work in one of Alberta’s 52 trades, gaining experience working towards an apprenticeship, and/or NAIT requirements. RAP students:

  • receive on-the-job training
  • earn high school credits
  • complete hours counting toward their registered certification
  • earn competitive wages
  • may move to post-secondary school
  • receive 5 CTS credits for every 125 hours worked (to a maximum of 45 credits)
  • can receive an hourly wage, become a registered apprentice in Alberta, and get a jump-start on a possible career in the trades.

The following website is an excellent site to help in choosing a career: This site may be accessed at home or at school.

Visit the Ainlay RAP site

Additional information: Apprenticeships  and Apprenticeships in Alberta


Harry Ainlay participates in many volunteer activities in our community.  Participating students are eligible to earn a volunteer credit.  Contact for volunteer opportunities

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