posted Sep 12, 2018, 8:26 AM by Nicole Malkewich, Administrative Assistant   [ updated Sep 18, 2018, 8:07 AM ]
 Eligibility Criteria
  • Be in the graduating year of full-time studies in high school.
  • Present a minimum cumulative average of 85%.
  • Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.

Selection Criteria

We are looking for students who demonstrate character, service and leadership potential. Excellent applicants show a genuine commitment to serving others, great potential as leaders, strong academic performance and moral character, independent thinking, and a willingness to take meaningful risks. We also look for entrepreneurship and broad academic and extracurricular interests.


The applications deadline is Oct. 17, 2018 for sponsored applicants and Oct. 24, 2018 for direct applicants. Check the website at loranscholar.ca.


YOU MUST SPEAK WITH Ms. Boan in Student Services and hand in your scholarship resume by Oct. 9th  if you wish to be sponsored by the school.